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Hello, I’m Andrew.


I’ve figured out plenty in my life thus far, so let me help you so you don’t have to go what I went through.


I’m a photographer, videographer, musician, audio engineer, web developer and marketing entrepreneur. My experiences have vastly played a role on the way I approach projects and my ability to complete them. 

I have been an event & wedding photographer for more than half of my life. My education and experience start in film photography and have cascaded in a variety of mediums ever since. My favorite sessions are family sessions.


Since 2012, I have immersed myself in video projects. I have filmed a myriad of events and weddings, but journalistic and story telling-type stories are my favorite to be a part of. I love helping small businesses pursue promotional material through the avenue of video.


I grew up in the church filling a need. If you’ve attended small churches, you’ll soon realize that audio is something that everyone needs, but have no one to fulfill that need. Since then, I have freelanced for a variety of companies and venues. I’ve worked with different artists and bands as either their stagehand or their main Audio Engineer.

Web Development

Main expertise is in WordPress sites. From start to finish, I help with purchases, planning and execution of your website build. I train the user on how to keep the site updated and am available for troubleshooting.

Marketing Entrepreneur

I have spearheaded a team that has grown a million dollar company upwards of 30% in positive income. We have done so by engaging the demographic, establishing a reoccurring marketing strategy, and focusing efforts on what proves our return of investment.

Systems Development

Have helped multiple companies and non-profit organizations develop and construct their audio systems, video systems and even their IT systems. My passion is to help organizations realize their dreams and help get them there.

“Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time.”

Thomas Edison
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I’ve been listed as a “jack of all trades, master of some“. I get it, there’s a lot to do and little time to get it all done in. I’ve been a part of some of the craziest projects and the tightest timelines. Whatever it is, we’ll work through it together.